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Administrative Office:

Appointment Required
Scotia Place 10060 Jasper Avenue
Suite 2020 Tower 1,Edmonton,
AB T5J 3R8

Prospective & Current student phone line: 780-900-4931
General Inquiries & Toll-free:  1 844 210 5264

Toll-free: 1 844 605 3197


Program Site:
11111 Jasper Avenue
T5K 2V2

LAB Site:
10275 Jasper Avenue, Suite 5
Edmonton,AB.T5J 1X5

General Mailing Address(Including Parcel drop off & Pick Up):
3428-99 Street,Suite 277
Edmonton,Alberta. T6E 5X5

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What Should You Know About Your Appointment ?

We hope this information will help you facilitate your appointment in an efficient manner. You require appointment for all student services and some enrolment services. Please note that students seeking new admissions or re-admissions to complete their program must submit an application package by reviewing the "General Admission Process" page prior to initiating an appointment request. Appointment requests are scheduled based on case priority. This priority is determined by the college.  To ensure that you make the most out of your appointment,please note the following prior to the appointment:

-the time and location of the appointment,
-bus/transit route for the location,
-parking and parking cost,
-contact number for the appointment,
-documents required for the appointment.