Education at the Alberta Caregiving Institute is unique. It aims to stretch the student’s mind, broaden their experiences, and prepare them for their career and productive lives. The education also aims to promote community engagement, informed citizenship and a life time of learning.

Our Values

Excellence, Ethics, Equality, Respect, Courtesy and Diversity.

The Alberta Caregivng Institute Experience

Alberta Caregiving Institute presents student focused education through student outreach programs, adult education, graduate employment assistance and future
follow-up to discuss graduates' educational experience with Alberta Caregiving Institute.  We offer flexible academic schedules for full-time programs and  individual courses.

Our Background

Alberta Caregiving Institute started in Camrose in 2008 as Camrose Caregiving Services and moved to Edmonton in 2009. Our Edmonton schools were designated in March 2010. The first batch of students were trained in May 2010. Since May 2010, our graduates have contributed economically, socially and culturally to our communities. We are accomplishing our mission through our high graduate employment rate. We have built a culture that promotes excellence through our Annual Student Awards Program. We are developing students who contribute to their society and communities through our Student Volunteer Services. We have strived to put our students at the front of Health Care Aide Education and have structured our resources to allow us to deliver our Vision and Mission at an affordable cost to our community.

Office of the Registrary

The Office of the Registrary undertakes the responsibility of both the Office of the Registrar and Faculty Administration. The office is responsible for:

(1) Processing registration requests, scheduling classes and maintaining class lists, enforcing the policies and procedures for entering or existing classes
or graduating from a program, and keeping a permanent record of grades and marks.
(2) Overseeing the school’s relations with government and stakeholders.
(3) Overseeing the school’s strategic direction, sustainability and risk management.
(4) Overseeing complaints and resolutions (internal and external).
(5) Overseeing student payments and financial records and issues T220A for tax purposes to students.
(6) Overseeing faculty accounts payables and receivables.
(7) Overseeing Human Resources for both the office and the faculty.

e-mail: admin@albertacaregivinginstitute.com

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP)

During the course of your registration and education at Alberta Caregiving Institute, the school collects personal information under the guidance of the
FOIP Act as it relates directly to and is necessary to meet its mandate and responsibilities to students, staff , federal agencies and as required under the Private Vocational Training Act.
Should you have any questions regarding the collection of your personal records, do not hesitate to
e-mail admin@albertacaregivinginstitute.com , you can also see FOIP Q&A.