General Admission Process

The process below applies to all applicants who wish to be admitted into any of the college's programs. Previous students who intend to return to complete their program must follow this formal process:

-if they do not have a valid enrolment contract,
-if their program end date has past. 

Stage 1

  • Submit an application package

Stage 2

  • The Registrar ensures that the application is complete and all admission requirements have been submitted
    -The Registrar ensures that the application fee is paid if applicable(Application fee only applies to international students)
    - The admission committee determines that the applicant satisfies the college's admission policy
  • If the applicant is missing any requirement, a “missing  information letter’”  is sent to the applicant by the Registrar

Stage 3

  • All requirements/information is received by the college.

Stage 4

  • All  requirements/information has been received 
  • Acceptance letter has been issued to the applicant. 
  • A refusal letter is sent to the applicant who does not satisfy the college's admission policy(The college reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who does not satisfy the college's admission policy)