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Scroll down to find information on how to connect to other services offered to help you during your time here at Alberta Caregivng Institute (ACI). Are you seeking information on accommodation, employment and volunteer opportunities? Perhaps you are seeking for a room mate or interested in selling your used textbooks? The newly implemented ACI Community Market is geared towards populating resources to help you enjoy your time here at ACI.

Prospective Students

Are you seeking information on how to apply to study at Alberta Caregiving Institute?  The prospective student menu provides information on admission requirements, program costs and how to request for access to submit application through P-HUB. Having P-HUB login credentials allow you to submit an application for the Health Care Aide program, communicate with a staff and receive assistance on all related issues.

Current Students

Are you enrolled in one or more of our courses?  You can access all courses, program information, course schedule, exams schedule and all academic related information from eclass. Do you have questions regarding student ID, books,uniforms, personal development opportunities, student accounts or any other issues? Feel free to contact an advisor.

Graduating Students

To receive a certificate of completion, students must satisfy requirements related to program of study and course work.  Students must take the responsibility to ensure that all requirements for graduation are fulfilled in timely fashion.  To assist students in this, the Registrar provides notification to all students indicating whether the student has met the requirements.  All graduating students can access final grades and obtain support through ACINET.

International Students

Coming to Edmonton, Alberta, to study is an exciting adventure in the sense that there is so much to see, learn, and appreciate. Alberta provides a wide variety of things to do and places to visit to make your experience memorable. Education at the Alberta Caregiving Institute is unique. We have small size classes where instructors know the complete names of each student as well as their strengths and weakness. Students receive individualized assessments at the simulation lab and practicum. The school presents opportunities to make friends and seek help within the learning community. Travelling to a new province also presents challenges, challenges of leaving your family and friends behind, challenges of moving from a familiar place to an unfamiliar city/province and many more. The good news is that, you will be welcomed into a great family of students, you will be able to stay connected with your family and friends via Skype; you will broaden your experiences, stretch your thinking and prepare for a lifelong learning experience. We hope you enjoy your stay and appreciate the value of education Alberta Caregiving Institute presents.

Below is a list of services provided to International Students by the International Student Services(ISS):

-Airport pick up.
-Provides students with assistance on accommodation search.
-International Student orientations.
-Provides students with assistance on the following immigration applications: study permit, student visa renewal and work permits.
-Provides students with general assistance on budgeting, completing tuition payment plan and referring students with financial concerns to the college accountant.
-Liaison with sponsoring agencies, foreign governments, consulates and embassies.

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