Student Services Framework

 ACI Student Services provides students opportunity to maximise their academic pursuit and interest  through a holistic approach.

Below are the service areas:


Service Target:
-Promote physical health of all students                      

 Actions to promote target:
-Student are encouraged to eat healthy, join the gym and see the college physician regularly. Listed on our website are contacts for Health Services.


Service Target:
-Promote social and emotional health of all students 

 Actions to promote target:
-Student are encouraged to join the ACI’s vibrant supportive student community;study groups and the student & graduate union.
-Provides Airport pick up to international students during the International Student Arrival Week-Contact Jenny
-Provides students with assistance with accommodation search.-Contact Jenny
-Plans and delivers International student orientations-Contact Jenny Roble
-Delivers the program orientation-Contact Nana Witham
-General assistance on budgeting, completing tuition payment plan and referring students with financial concerns to the college accountant.-Contact Nana
-Liaison with sponsoring agencies, foreign governments, consulates and embassies.-Contact Nana


Service Target:
-Promote mental and emotional health of all students

Actions to promote target:

Refer students experiencing relocation stress(if the nature of the case falls outside the scope of work of the Student Services) to an external agency  for intervention. 
-The Student Services provides bereavement counseling to students.
-Bereavement Counselor and contact for mental health referral-John Witham


Service Target:
-Promote Spiritual health of all students

 Actions to promote target:
-We recognize that a spiritual/religious journey can be an important, balancing complement to  students well being and their pursuit of academic and career goals. Contact-John Witham


Service Target:
-Promote cognitive health of all students

 Actions to promote target:
Students are encourage to actively pursue learning and refer to the academic support web page regarding how to improve on their learning skills and obtain support internally.